Top 10 Govt. College In Bangladesh

Top 10 Govt. College In Bangladesh, why do you need to know this topic? Students of Bangladesh try to admit into the public universities after their HSC examination but if there are failed to admit in the public universities then they try to admit to the top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh. So today our topic is to tell you about the top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh.

Top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh can be defined by the different key performance indicators (KPI), But we will not try to do this us, just we will present the actual ranking of the top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh that published by the National University Bangladesh. As you know all the govt. colleges in Bangladesh are under the national university except for the 7 govt. colleges of Dhaka.

After publishing the Honours result, every year the national university of Bangladesh publishes the best govt. colleges rankings based on their results. As you already know that the HSC pass student tries to admit to the best govt. college in Bangladesh, so this article is especially for those students who are searching for the top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh on google search.

Before continuing this article you should know the KPI,s which we already tell the full form of KPI. The key performance indicators that are selected by the National University of Bangladesh are :


We think you have got your questions to answer that how these rankings happen or the ranking factors defined by the national university of Bangladesh. So Now let’s go for your main query, which are the top 10 govt. colleges in Bangladesh.

List Of The Top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh:

1. Rajshahi College

Welcome to Rajshahi College - Top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh

Rajshahi College is definitely situated in Rajshahi which is one of the oldest and best educational institutions in Bangladesh. From the govt. college history, Dhaka college is the oldest then Chittagong College, after that Rajshahi College was established. It was established in 1873.

If you search in google by “Rajshahi College” you will get the first website is of Rajshahi College. “Rajshahi College | Best Education Institute in Bangladesh” This is the title of their website. Really Rajshahi college keeps its name with dignity. Even According to the National University of Bangladesh, really It is one of the best colleges of Rajshahi Division as well as the top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh.

Location: Boalia, Rajshahi
Established: 1873
EIIN: 126490
College Code: 2501
Web Address:
KPI Marks:72.96
Contact Info:
Rajshahi College, Rajshahi-6100
Telephone: 0721-775475
Fax: 0721-771511
Main Website: 
Admission Website: 
Admission mail :

2. Government BM College Barisal

Welcome to BM College - Top 10 govt. college in bangladesh

Brojmohun College was established on 14th June in 1889 by Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta. But history chronicles that he first established the B.M school patronized by his great father in 1884 and then it was evolved into B.M. College to meet the increasing demands of higher education for the poor southerners.

Government BM College Barisal is a very popular govt. college in Barishal division as well as in Bangladesh. Every year this college gets rank in the top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh by the national university of Bangladesh because of the result and quality of education of this best govt. college. So this is in the number 2 position for its KPI count.

Location: BM College Road, Barisal-8200
Established: 1889
EIIN: 100875
College Code: 1101
Web Address:
KPI Marks:66.15 
Contact Info: BM College Road, Barisal-8200
0431-2173583(Vice Principal) 
Main Website:
Admission Website:
Admission: 01724701600, 01711155771

 3. Govt Azizul Haque College

Welcome to Govt. Azizul Haque College - Top 10 govt. college in bangladesh

If you search in google you will get Govt Azizul Haque College~সরকারি আজিজুল হক কলেজ this in the search result. This is situated in Bagra. According to the KPI ranking, National University Bangladesh places this government college in 3rd position. It was named after Sir Azizul Haque, who was vice-chancellor of Calcutta University at the time. M. M. Mukherjee was the first principal.

Every year this Govt Azizul Haque College gets rank in the top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh by the national university of Bangladesh because of the result and quality of education of this best govt. college. All the valuable information about this govt. college is listed below but if you want to know more then check here. You will get a pdf file about the Govt Azizul Haque College.

Location: College Road, Bogra 5800 
Established: 1939 
EIIN: 119246 
College Code: 2701 
Web Address: 
KPI Marks:66.11 
Contact Info: College Road, Bogra 5800 
Telephone: 051-61793 
Main Website: 
Admission Website: 
Admission: 051-61793

4. Govt. Edward College, Pabna

It was established in July 1898 in Pabna. The college was first named as “Pabna Institution” and founded by Shree Gopal Chandra Lahiri, the famous educationist at that time. This college was later named “Pabna College” in 1906. The college motto was “Knowledge is a virtue”. Afterward, Pabna College was named “Edward College” in honor of the memory of Indian Emperor, Edward VII.

Honors courses were introduced in 1954 in Bengali and Economics under Calcutta University. Nowadays this college plays a vital role in the education sector in Bangladesh. Honors and Master’s courses of 16 subjects are being taught here. Besides, BA pass courses, B.Ss, B.Sc courses are also being taught. And this is now one of the best colleges placed in our top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh.

Location: Radhanagar, Pabna 6600
Established: 1898 
EIIN: 125663
College Code: 2101 
KPI Marks: 65.96
Telephone: 0731-66126

5. Carmichael College, Rangpur

Carmichael College Rangpur - Top 10 Govt. College In Bangladesh

Carmichael College is an educational institution in Rangpur, Bangladesh. It was established on 10 November 1916 and was named after Thomas David Baron Carmichael of Skirling. The college is situated in Lalbag, 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) to the south from zero points of the Rangpur town. Having an area of 900 bighas (298 acres), it is the largest college in Bangladesh.

From the beginning, the college was under Calcutta University. It is then nationalized on 1 July 1963. Then in 1992, it came under Bangladesh National University. Now it is best govt. college in Bangladesh as well as the top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh under the national university.

Location: Rangpur, SADAR 5400
Established: 1916
EIIN: 127489
College Code: 3201 
KPI Marks: 65.79
Telephone: 0521 62159
Fax: 0521 54059

6. Ananda Mohan College

Top 10 Govt. College In Bangladesh

Ananda Mohan College, Mymensingh is one of the renowned colleges in Bangladesh. It was established in 1901. Ananda Mohan Bose established this Institution in 1883 in his own family residence at Ram Babu Road.

This institution was later renamed City Collegiate School. On 18 July 1901, it introduced a college branch as an affiliate of the Calcutta City College established by the Brahmo Samaj. The college section was closed in 1906 after the death of Ananda Mohan Basu.

Two years later, Mr. Blackwood, the district magistrate of Mymensingh took the initiative to reopen the college. In the process, the college was renamed Ananda Mohan College. Professor Baikuntha Kishor Chakravarty was appointed its first principal. The college was affiliated with Calcutta University till 1947.

Now it is under the national university Bangladesh and every year take a position in the top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh. According to the KPI score, this is the 6th best govt. college in Bangladesh.

Location: College Road, Sadar, Mymensingh 2200
Established: 1901
EIIN: 111911
College Code: 5201 
KPI Marks: 64.68
Telephone: 09166769

7. Govt. Brajalal (BL) College

Govt. Brajalal College - Top 10 Govt. College In Bangladesh

Govt. B L College, Khulna is a leading educational institution at Daulatpur in the Khulna district. Babu Brajalal Chakrabarti ( Shastri ), a patron of education, established it first as Hindu Academy in July 1902, replicating the Hindu College that was established in Calcutta in 1816. Like the Hindu College, the Hindu Academy of Daulatpur had two branches, the Chatushpathi, and the college or academy.

BL College is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Bangladesh. It is located in Khulna, a major metropolis of the country. Only residential students were admitted at the beginning. The academy was managed by a board of trustees of whom Babu Brajalal was the chairman.

The college was nationalized on 1 July 1967 and it was declared a university college in 1993. It offers Honours and Masters courses in almost all subjects: Bengali, English, philosophy, political science, economics, history, Islamic history, accounting, management, physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, and mathematics. From 2010 it offers Honours in sociology.

Location: Daulatpur College Road, Khulna 9100
Established: 1902
EIIN: 116954
College Code: 0322 
KPI Marks: 63.21 
Telephone: +88041762944

8. Cumilla Victoria Government College

Top 10 Govt. College In Bangladesh

Roy Bahadur Ananda Chandra Roy is the founder of Comilla Victoria College. It was established on 24 September 1899. Queen Victoria was the Empress of India from 1876 to 1901. At that time, Comilla was also under the rule of the empire hence the college was named “Comilla Victoria College. This is our 8th ranked the best college in this top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh article.

”Since the inception of its establishment, Comilla Victoria College has gone through various changes and developments and has formed finally into a government educational institution of higher secondary undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

It is under the direct supervision of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education under the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh Government. Sattendranath Boshu was the first principal of the college.

Before the division of the Indian sub-continent Comilla Victoria Govt. College was one of the best-affiliated colleges of Calcutta University. The administration of this college came under the authority of Dhaka University after the division of 1947.

There was a night shift in this college from 1958 to 1968. In May 1968 Comilla Victoria College became nationalized through an act between the college authority and the then provincial government. The people of Comilla had a long-cherished desire to establish Comilla University. This is the best and top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh.

Victoria Government College had been fulfilling this public demand till the establishment of the University. It is still providing this necessary of higher education for a large population of this area even after the establishment of Comilla University. Now, this is one of the top 10 best govt. college in Bangladesh.

Location: Policeline, Comilla Sadar 3500
Established: 1899
EIIN: 105822
College Code: 3701
KPI Marks: 62.46
Telephone: 88-081-65988
Fax: 88-081-71161

9. Government Saadat College

Top 10 Govt. College In Bangladesh

Govt. Sadat college is our 9th top govt. college for the Top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh article. Sadat college is the first college in Bangladesh established by a Muslim Zamindar. It was founded by Wazed Ali Khan Panni, a zamindar, and educationalist of Tangail. He named it after his grandfather Saadat Ali Khan Panni.

The founder member of Saadat college was Principal Ibrahim Khan. He was the first chief executive of the college. He worked in college till 1947. The college was upgraded to a degree college in 1938. In Saadat college, the Honours course was commenced in 1966 and the Master’s course was commenced in 1974.

The Government of Bangladesh promulgated the Saadat college as a national university college on July 7, 1979. It has an Honours program in 16 subjects and a masters program in 10 subjects. The college is recognized as a postgraduate college. The college played a vital role in the liberation war of Bangladesh.

Government Saadat College is an old public college in Karatia, Tangail, Bangladesh. It is often referred to as Karatia College. It was established in July 1926. Now, this is a best top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh.

The college is located at Karatia near the Dhaka-Tangail highway and about 7 kilometers (4.3 mi) from the Tangail district. First Principal of the college Ibrahim Khan who is the Founder and Principal of Bhuapur College at Bhuapur, Tangail. Later named Ibrahim Khan Govt. College.

Location: Karatia,Tangail Sadar, Tangail 1903
Established: 1926
EIIN: 114747
College Code: 5301 
KPI Marks: 61.78 
Telephone: 0921-62559

10. Govt. Michael Madhusudan (MM) College

Govt. Michael Madhusudan (MM) College - top 10 govt. college in bangladesh

We find Govt. MM college at 10th position when we researched for Top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh. Michael Modhushudon University College was established in 1941 as Jessore College. This is one of the best govt. college in Bangladesh. Dhirendranath Kar was the first principal of the college. In the first year, the college had 146 students of whom 109 were Hindus and 37 Muslims. The college had two separate dorms for Hindu and Muslim students.

During World War II, the college building was converted to a troop barracks for the British Army. Classes were moved to the estate office of the Zamindar of Hatbaria and were shifted back in 1945. In 1945, the college was renamed Michael Madhusudan College. The college was nationalized in 1968

The college is named after famed educationalist and intellectual Michael Madhusudan Dutt. It has about 26,000 students and 19 faculties. It gives four years of bachelor’s and one year’s master’s course opportunities under Bangladesh National University.

The college also offers Higher Secondary subjects including science, commerce, and arts under the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jessore. Now This is the ranked 10th top 10 govt. college in Bangladesh based on its KPI and overall quality.

Location: Shah Abdul Karim Rd, Jashore 7400 
Established: 1941
EIIN: 116101 
College Code: 0501 
KPI Marks: 61.58 
Telephone: +88042160554

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